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Amana Takaful Insurance takes pride in being the pioneer of the people-friendly approach to insurance in Sri Lanka. We stand by our reputation of ethical practice, dedicated for the people, by the people, for the benefit of all the people in Sri Lanka. We believe that as an organisation, our fundamental goal is to be of service. In an increasingly competitive and risk-averse environment, we aim at providing inclusive insurance policies with utmost integrity, and innovation imparting equal opportunities for all.

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Diversity is our core strength, grounded in the ability to care for every Sri Lankan as one. Staying true to our overarching principle of 'To every Sri Lankan as One' in every possible instance ensures that we transcend the role of a conventional insurance provider. Our commitment to seeking beyond mere financial gain and striving with the purpose of establishing dedicated trust among our customers endows us with a unique position as an insurance service provider in today’s business landscape. In essence, we uphold the true meaning of our name: 'To protect one another, with trust,' and relentlessly work towards the betterment of our stakeholders.

To every Sri Lankan, as one

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