Takaful Prosper

What is Takaful Prosper?

Amãna Takaful Prosper is Sri Lankas first Investment linked insurance plan, in an era of growth and prosperity, “Prosper” is a unique plan where you too can benefit from growing markets, whilst enjoying Takaful benefits.

This plan is designed to give you that added advantage of a prudent investment for the future, while providing for protection for you and your family.

You decide how much you want to earn within a stipulated period and we will help you select the best method to achieve it. With Amãna Takaful Prosper you will enjoy,

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  • The lowest entry charges in Sri Lanka
  • Shari ‘ah compliant and ethical investments
  • 3 funds to match your investment risk appetite
  • Multiple payment options
  • Entry age 18-67
  • Terms of 8, 10, 15 & 20 years
  • Flexible fund management and Contribution (payment) holiday
  • A Basic cover up to 5 times and Personal Accident cover of up to 3 times
  • Free Permanent Total Disability cover equal to your Basic Cover

The Funds

The most exciting fact is that you have 3 Shari ‘ah compliant funds to choose from when making the investment. Why? We believe that individual needs for return are different and that you should have the freedom to decide what level of return you desire. Furthermore, you also have the advantage of switching the investments to enjoy best returns and safety.

All investments are governed by Shari ‘ah guidelines and rulings

Managing Your Funds

The unique nature of a product such as Amãna Takaful Prosper is that you have control over the profits you earn. You can switch funds; take contribution holidays and more on the-go.

Switching Funds

You can switch 100% of the accumulated fund value between the 3 funds up to 2 times in a certificate year, with the first switch free of charge. This allows you to invest your money in funds that suit your future plans in line with the risks involved. A statement will be forwarded by the company to the participant after each transaction of "switching" and/or "part withdrawal".

Contribution Holiday (Payment Holiday)

Take a break from paying your regular contributions but maintain the certificate until maturity. You don’t have to worry about the protection benefit, as it stays in effect until the end of the term.
A contribution Holiday is permissible after the certificate has been in force for 5 years.


You can surrender your certificate at any time after 3 years. However, should you need to surrender early, your funds will be transferred to the Stable Fund where it will accrue profits until the end of three (3) years and paid back to you. Beyond the third (3) year surrender can be done at your discretion.

Part Withdrawal

The option of part withdrawal is available for urgent financial requirements or to simply enjoy profits made. You can apply for part withdrawals upon completing 3 years. For 8 and 10 year terms part withdrawals can be obtained twice (2), while for 15 and 20 year terms part withdrawals are allowed once every 2 years.

* Above benefits are subject to exclusions and other conditions.


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